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  • roraz


    Its hard to describe my problem so please bear with me…

    following from this plugin thread –

    I used the plugin from that thread. I wanted to use the plugin to associate a picture with the posts that I make. This is achieved using <?php the_meta_feature(); ?> in the post template. However as I said in that thread I wanted in my sidebar a list of the most recent posts made with their associated preview picture

    now, I know how to create a recent post list, either with plugins or using this:
    <?php get_archives(‘postbypost’, ‘3’, ‘custom’, ”, ‘
    ‘); ?>

    however im not sure on how to call up a list of the recent posts with their associated pics! Is there a way to include the the_meta_feature with in the get_archives tag or with a recent posts plugin ? Or is there another solution? basically I want to use a tag within a tag – sorta similar to this problem:

    which unfortunately didn’t get an answer

    any help would be greatly appreciated!!?

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  • moshu


    As far as I can remember all the gurus around here would say you cannot have a tag inside another tag.
    You may want to take a look at the query_posts template tag to achieve what you want.



    woh, that looks complicated

    Id have no idea of where to start with that – not really had that much experience with php coding…



    Agreed, query_posts is where you have to start…



    Okay this stuff is pretty complicated, and the codex page for query posts doesn’t really explain it all that well.

    Anybody want to lend a helping hand or point me in the right direction??

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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