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  • Claire



    I have a question about a customization. I know CSS and HTML pretty well, but am very new to PHP. I can make my way around it when I need to adjust or remove things, but I am dealing with something a little bit more complex and figured I could ask here if anyone has done something similar.

    This is my website:

    On the right side of the header, you’ll see “Upcoming | CART/0”

    What I am trying to do is: remove the shopping cart function and replace with the title of and link to the most recent blog post in a specific post category (event).

    So, in an ideal world it would look like “Upcoming | EventTitleHere”

    This seems like it would be a fairly simple act of adding a post title and removing the cart function. I just don’t have a clue where to start since I know zero PHP.

    Thanks to anyone who can help out!

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  • This would be a question for the folks at Themeforest, as you are using one of their commercial themes, which are not supported on this forum.



    I’m just asking about how to add a specific PHP code, which could be relevant to any website or theme. It’s more of a question about WordPress blog PHP code rather than something to do with the theme.

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