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  • Hi all,
    I’m trying to obtain for the sidebar something similar to

    Category 1 [XML]
    – Title of the last article in that category (data)
    – Title of the previous article in that category (data)
    – Title of the third article ordered by data descending (data)

    Category 2 [XML]
    – The same thing, three articles by data descending

    … and so on

    any idea? thanks

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  • You are asking a lot, but there are two ways you can do this, sorta. One is by using a plugin and ther e are quite a few that deal with this or you can also use the wp_get_archives() template tag to do this, but it does have some limits.

    no.. there’s no way to get archives by category

    neither with wp_get_archives nor c2c’s plugin…


    without that i cannot migrate from movable type…

    Yes, there is with the previously mentioned c2c plugin. I use it for my asides and my currently reading list, both of which are categories. I detail how I did it with his plugin here.

    Maybe with that one:
    Get Recent Post

    I’ll try it and refer my feedback

    I’m doing something similar in a sidebar using customizable-post-listings plugin with a conditional statement.

    The category links remain there, so it’s like an expanding menu.

    If it’s x category, or a post in x category, the sidebar gets recent posts from only that category.

    If it’s a Page, it shows all categories’ recent posts.

    If there’s no posts (including a search with no results or a 404) it shows category titles with no recent posts.

    The main page is a static custom “Page” with hard coded links to the categories.

    The client’s blog is not public yet, but you can see this in my test version.
    Notice the sidebar category recent posts expanding + hiding.

    WOW! Echozone, I LOVE what you have done with that expanding categories. It’s awesome.

    Thanks! Yeah I think it’s pretty cool too.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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