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  • Hi,

    Since July 18th, I’ve gotten over 340 spam comments (ping and trackback spam is at normal level).

    The good, Akisment has caught everyone of them. But as I was perusing them to make sure no legit comments were caught, I came across “what seemed a normal comment” and followed the link.

    It was from a WP blog, which had created an auto comment plugin, which you can see here:

    So this guy creates a plugin, that puts an innocuous comment on your site in the hope that you follow the link back to “his” page to increase your hit count?

    First, the plugin was released on July 12, so I’m guessing that spammers are using it en masse and it is responsible for the recent increase in comment spam?

    Second, even though Akisment is catching the comment spam, is there anything that can be done about it?

    The Grumpy Guy

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