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Recent MarketPress update replaced WordPress comments with "Related Products"

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  • Hey man!

    I also had this same issue here:


    and then realized that they changed markepress

    so in your maketpress.php open that and look for

    'supports' => array(

    and then you have to add


    so the final code will be:

    'supports' => array(

    Hope this helps and see my thread above 😉

    God Bless 🙂


    Hi, I just installed the most recent version of Market Press for the first time (V2.9.2.1) as well as the WPMU MarketPress Allow Comments (V0.3). I made the suggested changes to the array as per previous post but the comments are still not showing up.

    Comments are definitely turned on in my theme and WP itself (I have comments on my posts), as well as comments ticked in the individual products. I don’t see anywhere else to control them, although the WPMU MarketPress Allow Comments plugin talks about being ON and “select on which elements to add/remove comments” which I am not quite understanding what that means.

    I have posted a separate new item in the support area for the WPMU MarketPress Allow Comments plugin and am patiently awaiting a response, but thought posting here too where other users were already discussing this would help me as well.

    Appreciate any feedback or additional information.

    Thank you all!!!


    Did you go to each product and make sure the “allow comments” is checked off?

    After adding that line of code to the array, you will have to go to each product and click off allow comments

    OR Run a MYSQL command line to open all comments

    Hope this helps


    Thanks for your reply Joseph. Yes the 6 or so test products I am working with all have allow comments unchecked now since you mentioned that in your message and still the comments aren’t showing.

    Wondering if the problem is with the theme, Megamag from ThemeForest, not supporting custom post types. I see in their support someone else trying to get comments associated with another plugin.

    In addition to the comments not appearing, for posts in this theme I get a nice bar below the post that says Related Posts and another that says No Comments when there aren’t any and then the form. I am not seeing any of the fancy stuff in the single product page which I was hoping too it would inherit. Again making me wonder if it is the theme.

    Getting comments to work though is the more crucial thing since my client wants her customers to be able to discuss the books she is selling. Cosmetics are secondary.

    If you can add anything additional I could look for or code that would make this work that would be greatly appreciated. Or even your comments that the theme may be the issue. I will write to the theme author as well.

    Again thank you very much!


    On your themes page.php…….. do you have the following code?

    <?php get_comments( $args ); ?>

    Make sure your theme allows comments on pages.

    Also – I have found that “updating” the post also show comments on pages that already have been published,

    Hope this helps

    Nope!! That piece of code is not in the page.php. And further I just tested to see if I could get comments to appear on a page and they don’t. That has to be it.

    Is there any particular place I should place that code in the page.php file?

    Appreciate all the help I am getting on this forum.


    Ok, I got comments to work on pages by putting this
    <?php comments_template(); ?>
    just before the endwhile (which I found in another post on wordpress.org) and I have comments ability on pages.
    But comments still not showing on the products.

    Partial correction.. If I put a comment in to the single product page manually that comment will show but there isn’t a form to add new. Also there is no mention of comments on any of the other pages.

    I added that same code mentioned above to the other page types in this theme with no further results.

    Thanks for your help.

    Hello, I am still looking for some help to resolve this issue and hope someone can point me in the right direction.

    As I mentioned I was able to get comments in pages working. But it is not working properly for the products.

    For products, if I manually put a comment in to the product record I get that comment and the comment form. But I do not get any comment form whatsoever on any of the other products. It only shows Related Products below the item and that is it. And I have tried both with Allow Comments checked and unchecked. No difference.

    And the strange thing is this behaviour happens whether I have this plugin activated or not.

    Has anyone else had this problem and if so how did it get resolved?

    Its doesn’t seem to be theme dependent either. Experiencing same in twentytwelve theme as I am in premium theme.

    Appreciate assistance anyone can give.


    BTW.. I am using the lite version of MarketPress if that matters for the Allow Comments plugin to work properly.
    Hoping someone can help me resolve this issue.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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