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  • yeah it works! with some match things of course ^_^


    Nice ! I added the author and post title myself.

    Can anyone help a novice like myself tweak the output of this. I’d like a little exerpt of the comment followed by 3 elipses and then “(g0)” linked with the link for the entry. Unfortunately I’m still learning PHP so I have no clue how to tweak it so my output looks different.

    Look for the two lines toward the end of the function that begin with “$output .= “. These are the lines that create the line with the comment author’s name and the comment excerpt linked to the entry. You can modify them as you see fit. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

    Thanks! I’m still having problems with tweaking it, but I’m going to try tomorrow when I’m not so freaking tired.

    Will this skip over the comments in a private, protected post?

    Yes, the updates I made the other day should make it work similar to the recent posts hack, except for the fact that there isn’t an option to skip posts…but I don’t see a need for that.

    I’ve updated this hack and it should work like the others now as far as only showing published posts that don’t have a password (by default).

    Okay, I must be stupid, but I’m having a hard time formatting the output of this. I would like it so that it lists an exerpt of the comment, which it does, but instead of having that excerpt being the link, I’d like this (go) added and that to be the link to the comment. Make sense? I’m sure once I see how the modifications are made, I’ll understand but I’m not having much luck today.

    I think I just figured it out! Yay!! =)

    Remove those two lines I mentioned above and replace with these…
    $output .= $before . ‘‘ . $comment_author . ‘: ‘ . $comment_excerpt . ‘…
    $output .= $permalink . ‘” title=”View the entire comment by ‘ . $comment_author.'”>(go)‘ . $after;
    I think that’s what you are looking for.

    Looks like you beat me to it!! 😛

    very nice hack! I couldnt find a way to write the title of the commented post to the output. Any hints are welcome 😎

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 52 total)
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