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  • I am using WordPress to edit and update the website I run ( and recently did an update of plug-ins and of WordPress itself.

    Now I wish I hadn’t done this because the title description in news posts is double posted and the new WordPress leaves me without the option to edit this. The footer of the website is displaying html, which I assume must be an error in the script somewhere.

    There were no issues before the upgrade. I have a back-up using a the BackupWordpress plug in, but it doesn’t give me a restore option and I haven’t found anything that tells me how to restore what I saved once I download the .zip file. I have another back up on my hardrive from July, the last back-up the last moderator made before I came along, but I’d really rather not have to redo all the updates that have been made since.

    I tried to downgrade by downloading the 3.1.4 version and dragging and dropping those files using FileZilla as explained in a Youtube video, but that didn’t seem to work.

    The website is functioning, but it doesn’t look as put together and my Boss is upset over these issues, as am I.

    Is there something I didn’t update? Is there something that’s not compatible with the new upgrade? If you could please tell me how to find where the issue is and fix it I would greatly appreciate it.

    Also, we use the Atahualpa version 3.6.7.

    Associate Editor for the American Rose Society

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  • What theme are you currently using?

    Atahualpa version 3.6.7.

    Sorry, I forgot to include ‘theme’ in my last sentence. I’m running on a Mac, too, if that makes a difference.

    Ignore that, I just noticed Atahualpa.

    You’ll need to go into the theme editor (appearance > editor) and check the code. It seems to be double posting the title tags.

    Yes, that and more. The footer is messed up, too. Do you have any advice on what to look for specifically and how to fix it?

    Hi KimatARS:

    I am having more or less the same problem as you. I upgraded to WordPress 3.3.1 and now I can’t post well, nor create pages, nor modify content.

    I thought the problem was in the Qtranslate plugin configuration, but as I was investigating I saw lots of people complaining about the latest version of WordPress and how the editing page in /wp-admin doesnt look or work like the old one, disabling the options while editing a post, not being able to swith from HTML to VISUAL, the same with the images, cos we cant upload, etc.

    I am here to ask you if you finally solved your problem and how. If not, just answer me and I might have the solution, only that I am waiting to discuss it with others before applying.

    Remember, NO PROBLEMS, ONLY SOLUTIONS. Cheers !

    I was told that we have a guy on our payroll to handle issues like this. I contacted him and he was able to work his magic. I resolved never to do an update again. I think we all might adopt that philosophy. And it happened my first week on the job, ha!

    Hope you figure it out!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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