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  • Hi
    another voice asking for V2 support.
    I regret the update I made to CF7. Not only is it intrusive with the privacy popup on every page but it is not as effective at blocking spam as V2. On a mobile the Google popup is ludicrously, unacceptably intrusive. On both the websites I manage I have now started getting spam again.
    Whilst I could just roll back this stops future upgrades so is a poor solution.
    If not, then in a weeks time I’ll start looking for a suitable replacement – anyone got any suggestions?

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  • @dukeo – don’t worry, you don’t need to update your own privacy policy to notify users. Google has placed a convenient and beautiful badge in the corner of all of your web pages now with a link to their terms!

    @dukeo, yes we are updating ALL the forms to have that line as per Google’s guidelines…we are not too happy about the amount of effort that was needed for this, but at least it is only a one-time effort.

    @raymondcal, that is certainly your choice. They are NOT gathering any personal information with that tracking. They are simply observing mouse and click behavior to determine if the session is automated. They also use that to build a profile for the domain to see what a typical session looks like. Then they use that when making a determination of what is SPAM and not SPAM.

    Here is something we observed that is really clever. If you go directly to the form page and then autofill all the fields, it triggers the SPAM warning in most cases. We actually like that.

    @locascioa we are using CF7 Version 5.1.1 with WP 5.0.2 as prescribed.

    Apparently reCAPTCHA V3 does not think “Hot and juicy women in your city want sex:” should be blocked….

    Can you share with me the URL of your page? Also, please make sure you updated your Recaptcha keys to V3!

    Thanks for the article, @locascioa. Very helpful.

    @locascioa while updating your forms is enough for Google, it’s not enough regarding GDPR. All the people who don’t visit your form pages are still being tracked across your websites. To be compliant with the law, you need to add some information about the constant tracking to all your Privacy Policy pages.

    @squarecandy as a matter of fact, even with the ugly Google notice, you still need to update the Privacy Policy of your website. The badge covers Google’s responsibility, it doesn’t cover your own website’s responsibility.

    I disagree regarding GDPR. Google is NOT capturing any personal information during the session so the GDPR concern is not relevant. Nothing is being stored anywhere wthin your domain or within Google that contains any personally identifiable information (that includes IP address).

    It would be most unsual if Google created a new methodology that violated the GDPR guidelines.

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    I have reverted one site to 5.0.5 and V2, the other gave errors with the rollback so it’s still on 5.1.1 and V3…be interesting to compare spam results.
    I will wait to see if V2 support reappears and then discard CF7 if not.
    Shame – it has worked well thus far šŸ™

    Given that the author has chosen not to support reCAPTCHA v2 but in order to stay current with CF7, try take a look at this helper plugin that sits right on top of CF7:

    Contact Form 7 ā€“ reCaptcha v2

    Neil Murray also posted some other ones at but this one restores the ‘legacy’ v2 functionality.

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