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    This concept of reCAPTCHA v3 was new to me. I was using v2.

    So I set up the keys and updated the website.

    When I set up the keys I got this warning:

    Note: The scores for this site may not be accurate before running with sufficient live traffic. Please see our developer site for more information.

    I had a look at the developer site and it is also over my head. Is there anything I ned to do?


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  • yes, ok, but please without this ugly box on each page 🙁

    yes, ok, but please without this ugly box on each page 🙁


    I have been using your plugin for I think 10 years now, or nearly 10 years. I can assure you that reCAPTCHA v3 based on how you currently have it configured with CF7 is horrible at stopping spam. My clients combined process 100-200 legit emails per day, and the quantity of spam that has come in over the last 48 hours is as if we did not have CAPTCHA at all.

    Either we need the ability to change the score threshold, or the ability to use v2.

    I agree that philosophically, v3 is vastly superior. But this is a scenario where blind trust in Google is not working out.

    None of the clients who I have setup with CF7 have that sort of volume for form submissions. BUT… we have been seeing more spam than legit submissions since the update.

    I believe there was a comment by @takayukister in another thread that the bot/spam filtering will take a little bit to fall into place with v3 now being active. It seems like the reward will come with patience.

    Looking at just 3 of my clients’ sites, it appears as if there is NO spam filtering at all. So regardless of how great v3 reCAPTCHA will be “eventually,” my clients call this unacceptable and those 3 (so far) are demanding an immediate fix.

    I am very disappointed that this will force me to switch away from CF7. Bummer.


    Suggested solution
    If it is too hard to support both v2 and v3 in the plugin then split the plugin into two plugins with slightly different names. Then people can stick with v2 until v3 is shown to work well.

    Please read the other issues. Someone has already suggested a plugin that you can use with CF7.

    ajtruckle: I cannot find the suggestion you refer to. Can you include a link?


    If allowing users to select between V2 and V3 in the same plugin is impossible, as you suggest, how do the people at BestWebSoft pull it off in their Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) plugin?

    Doesn’t seem so impossible after all. It really shouldn’t be YOUR decision how much “accessibility” each individual website owner feels is appropriate to implement in their situation, especially if the end result only makes websites more “accessible” to spam bots. In forcing accessibility to this degree, you’ve had the exact opposite effect – alienating millions of users.

    Bravo for creating and maintaining such a wonderful plugin for so many years – it’s really sad to see it taking such a hit at the hands of its own creator.

    I didn’t have any significant problems with spam in the past, but this week has been really bad. It’s as if the filter didn’t work at all anymore, but I did update the keys and the reCaptcha box appears everywhere on the site…

    I hope it will get solved soon, otherwise I will have to look for another solution.

    Thank you very much for the great plugin, @takayukister, by the way.


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    Please make another version with v2 This ugly window everywhere is not needed and spam is coming in tons. I anyway use other plugings (For other forms) with V2 and they work properly.
    Or where do I just get the old version and pay attention not to update?



    Have found contact-form- and installed with v2, no more spam! 🙂



    @jaroslawistok Don’t see this on the site.



    @jaroslawistok I meant the CF7 site ….

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