• I am using CalderaForms and Caldera Forms Anti Spam. reCaptcha working for all browsers on Windows and MAC without Firefox.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hi @sargis444

    Sorry for only seeing this now, what version of reCAPTCHA were you using? Was this version 2 or version 3?

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    Hi @andrewza

    Version 2. I am not robot.

    Getting this error when i logout from admin —- reCAPTCHA couldn’t find user-provided function: cf_recaptcha_is_ready for all browsers (sometimes i don’t get error and it’s working on all browsers without Firefox).

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    Thanks for the feedback, would you mind testing V3 reCAPTCHA and let me know if this resolves your issue?

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    For now it’s can’t recognize keys.

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    Please can you create a set of V3 keys as they are different from V2 keys.

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    https://prnt.sc/uig3is Google reCaptcha V3
    https://prnt.sc/uig53y Caldera form reCaptcha

    https://prnt.sc/uig5uf result

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    Thank you for your screenshots, inside your Caldera Forms reCAPTCHA settings please can you select the checkbox “use reCAPTCHA v3”.

    Please let me know if this helps resolve the issue.

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    https://prnt.sc/uiqo1i when i select the checkbox reCaptcha becomes invisible.

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    Thanks for the feedback, this is correct functionality of the V3 reCAPTCHA. It is to help improve conversions and will automatically detect if the user is a spammer or not (no need to select “Check this box”). However, there seems to be a problem in verifying the reCAPTCHA.

    Would you mind linking me to your site where I can run a test on this? I had a look at the site mentioned in your initial response but see that reCAPTCHA is not enabled on your domain.

    Please also note that any other JavaScript error may cause a malfunction here as JavaScript errors cause a ‘chain reaction’. I noticed a JavaScript issue on your home page of ‘Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘querySelector’ of null’.

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    @sargis444 sorry for bumping this thread, here is a test site that I use to test the reCAPTCHA – https://yournewsite.co.za/pmpro/caldera-test/

    reCAPTCHA needs a ‘live’ site in order to work. Please keep me posted about your site and issues – I’m curious to get to the bottom of this for you.


    I am using Google Chrome and there the reCAPTCHA is also not showing on my “live” website. I get the same reaction as sargis444
    I am using reCAPTCHA v3, on the backend in Caldera Forms it is saying: “Invisable by Default” (It is the same as this:

    The differents is that when i fill in the form it does not says that the reCAPTHA wasn’t filled in correctly. I do not get that reaction.

    I do not know what the isseu is, but can you help me out?


    I do see a little reCAPTCHA logo in the botum right cornes of my screen. Does this means that reCAPTCHA is active? https://prnt.sc/ul46pl

    Hi @cobraeagle.

    Yea, if you see that logo, it is working. From version 3 it displays only that logo & does the work behind the scenes instead of tick boxes or math questions.


    I updated some sites to WordPress 5.6 and now any form that uses the reCaptcha v3 does not show the Success Message and or even submit…the form continues to stay on the screen after submission…Safari and Chrome are working thou…I am using a Mac (if that matters)…I have deleted the reCaptcha v3 from the forms so they would work (for now)….I have several other sites with many more Caldera Forms using the Anti-Spam plugin that will break when I upgrade to WP 5.6

    Here is a site to test with:
    WP v5.6
    Caldera Forms v1.9.2
    Caldera Forms Anti Spam v0.3

    Please advise.

    Hi there,

    I also have issues with v3 and Firefox. It does not send. It just shows the Ajax loading and then stops, without any errors or actually sending.

    Works fine in Chrome (All on Mac)

    Using latest version of everything.

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