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  • Hello, please bring back the recaptcha 2 optionally.

    The floating badge breaks the user interface, and makes it look like some advertisement following you as you scroll the page.


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  • +1. Not only because of the floating badge, but also because basic backward compatibility requirements. A lot of clients complain about this recaptcha 3 that is just not doing the job – they get spam again after they reconfigured a key\secret.

    I agree. I’ve also had complaints that V3 is not doing the job and that they want to go back to the original version. I’ve also had complaints about the badge covering upper footer information.

    +1 complaints from clients about spam through Contact Form 7

    +1 get spam with Contact Form 7



    floating badge breaks the user interface,

    I could not agree more. On desktop is not as bad as when you use it on mobile. It blocks some of the content. What the heck were they thinking?

    Regarding the spam there seem to be multiple fixes available. The simplest fix i found was that you need to remove the [recaptcha] from the form. Not tested but it is worth a try.

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    I hid the badge with CSS code and then I used this post to turn off Recaptcha on the Fact Form plugin and use a different plugin to serve Recaptcha v2. It has stopped the spam. But AGREE that the plugin developer should have given us the choice.

    I have about 40 my and client sites running CF7, should I reconfigure all of them with Recaptcha v2 plugin to stop SPAM? ))

    I agree with all of you.
    – Why can’t we choose between v2 and v3?
    – Why does that reCaptcha logo has to be shown on all the pages and not only on the contacts page?
    – Why do we get more spam than before?
    – And why are you taking so long to officially fix all the problems?

    What a shame!

    We also are getting more spam now that the plugin has been reconfigured with v3 recaptcha. Why are they forcing us to use v3?? v2 worked just fine and did not have an ugly, intrusive floating badge blocking my client’s content! I’d really rather not have to redesign contact forms for 72 clients. If I do have to do this, I will move to a different contact form plugin that gives me a choice.

    I had this plugin get upgraded over the weekend and ever since I am getting all sorts of vulgar spam with sex references and curse words.

    Very disappointed.

    Going to have to look at different options that do not use this non-efficent method of verification.

    Please urgently enable captcha v2.
    Since Ive upgraded (and configured v3) Im receiving more spam than ever. V2 worked fine- Seems like V3 is not ready for production.
    Please help


    I am getting much more SPAM too with this V3 version of Recaptcha and Flamingo isn’t even catching it as SPAM; thus, my inbox is getting inundated with crap. Please reimplement support for V2

    I have to agree. Would be very nice for this plugin to support RECAPTCHA v2

    Yep, add me to the list of people getting complaints from clients that they’re getting blasted with spam due to V3. Bring back V2, please.

    Same here. I get spam Emails and don’t want that badge!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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