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    in the contact form 7 plugin, when I activate reCAPCHA V3 by inserting the keys forr reCAPCHA V3 in the integration part.

    but then every time I submit a form, I got error warning surrounded by an orange border:

    There was an error trying to send your message, Please try again later.

    even reCAPCHA logo widget is presented in all pages at the top bottom of each page ..

    how to solve that ??

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Same issue from this morning!

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    @alkemiko when I remove keys the form work fine, but when I set the reCAPCHA v3 it prevent submitting..

    is there anyone from the plugin support team can solve this ??

    Hi ghina1,

    I have created new keys and now it seems to work correctly

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    @alkemiko really! great to here that 🙂

    but how is that work? I logged in google reCAPCHA acount and delete the old reCAPCHA and creat a new one with new keys.. but that didn’t work 🙁

    Hi ghina1,

    try copy the key and paste it (one at a time) on a text editor (such as sublime text) then copy it again and paste it on the integration fields of the cf7 plugin

    At this moment I have the same problem. Try to even make a new password and it does not work.

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    @buzztone thank you ..

    yes I read this artical before I posted the issue here, but couldn’t find the sloution of this issue ..

    I’ve the same problem with CF7 and Google V3 Recaptcha.

    @buzztone your article isn’t helping for this issue.

    Is here someone that can help?

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    @jofollia yeah exactly. I tried many time but the same issue.
    hope someine from the support team provide a solution for that !

    I’m sorry.

    I changed to other plugin. It will be interesting to know what happened with Contact Form 7.

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    @karwinp still the same, when activating the reCAPCHA V3 the form is not submitting and give error message..

    Anyone from CF7 can help us?

    I am worried about a lot of sites with CF7 and Google reCapchaV3. Have I to consider other plugin for forms? I was in love with CF7 until this problem. Please help us!

    @ghina1 – I’m using CF7 with reCAPTCHA v3 on several sites without problems – I get dozens of emails every day from these sites.

    As CF7 has 5+ million active installs, you will usually see examples in this forum of other people having the same (or similar) problem as you most days. While it’s easy to conclude this means CF7 has a bug, it’s almost always not correct.

    Any problems you are having are likely due to unique issues on your particular WordPress website.

    If you are able to provide some more accurate details of what is happening on your particular site, I may be able to offer some more specific suggestions.

    @karwinp & @jofollia – see I have the same problem! Can I just reply to someone else’s post with “Me too”?.

    If you are willing to create a new question, which details your particular issues, somebody will likely be able to help you there.

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    @buzztone I am facing this issue on three websites not one , and as you see here there are many people facing the same issue! we tried all the solution but that don’t work …

    I provided you with all the details … once I activate the reCAPCHA v3 and inserted the related keys in the integration filed in contact us form, the form is no longer submitt and give an orange bordered message “There was an error trying to send your message, Please try again later.”

    here is the case .. hope to provide an solution for that plz.

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