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  • Hello,

    I have recently started contributing to the WPbook plugin ( This plugin allows users to turn their self hosted wp blogs into a facebook application. One problem we are currently having is the plugin only works if the blogs homepage is set to the “post page”. For example if the user has a static homepage the plugin doesn’t work.

    Is there an easy way to get the blogs “post page” url using the wordpress codex? if this can be done we can just set this as the base url.


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  • any ideas?

    Hey Brandon – I’m not actually certain this is “broken.”

    Can someone validate that it is? I think what happens is that even when a custom home page is set, when the “fb_sig_in_iframe” is sensed, the plugin overrides that static page and returns the /wpbook/theme/index.php instead.

    Can anyone validate this?


    I agree and do believe that is what’s happening is the static page returning the index.php page. I suppose to clarify my question I’m wondering if there is a “detect” the static home page and then direct the browser to use the post page instead. I was mostly just wondering if there was a function build into WP to accomplish this?

    I’ve noticed that if I have a static page selected as the home page then wpbook returns that page inside of of Facebook. For example, if I set my home page to my “about page” then wpbook will return this as the home page but won’t give the user the option to get to the “post page” it may be as simple as creating a new template file for the post page.

    Just my thoughts,

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