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  • I’m taking over a website/blog that someone else was shutting down. Some of the writers are moving over, and some are not. I deleted all the WordPress posts from the writers who did not move over, but now I have a bunch of tags (showing a tag count) for posts that no longer exist.

    Is there a way to have WordPress recalculate how many times a tag is actually used in the posts so I can removed the unused ones?

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  • under posts/tags, you’ll see a list of all your tags and how many posts are using them. You can delete them if you want.

    otherwise I used to use this, but it’s old so I can’t reccomend it. Can’t seem to find anything like it that’s current.

    The problem is that the count is off. So my tag cloud links to tags that it thinks are in use, when they are not.

    There are some plugins that delete tags that have a count of zero, but I need to recalculate the count.

    much deeper than I thought. I’ve never encountered that simply by deleting posts with tags. Good luck!

    I’m assuming what I really need is something that sets the count of all my tags to 0. That’s simple enough to do in SQL.

    The next step is tricky. Look through each post and check for tags, and then increment the count accordingly.

    I think I answered my own question in a sense. I can’t think of a good way to automate the second step. However, I just made a backup from SQL and then:

    update wp_term_taxonomy set count = 0

    Now I’m just “updating” each post real quick, which is saving tag data and updating the count for the tags in that post at least. When I’m done, just delete any row where the count = 0.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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