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  1. northrn
    Posted 1 year ago #


    Web hosting company died without notice; requesting a tarball is not a guaranteed fix. I regularly backup WP files, but, of course, not the database. Can't find any evidence of a db backup anywhere on my drives.

    I noticed online that people talk about rebuilding their DB from google cache files. I'd like to do that with the wp-content cache files I backed up. I will need to create a new mysql db with the new host, and whatever else required to even login to the wp admin panel for that site (*big big frown*).

    Where can I find a step-by-step guide for this? Or is anyone kind enough to spend time explaining how I'd do this?


  2. Scott (@scottsweb)
    Posted 1 year ago #

    It is unlikely that you will be able to re-build the site from the contents of /wp-content alone. On a default setup this folder contains:

    /plugins/ - your installed plugins
    /themes/ - your theme(s)
    /uploads/ - your images, PDFs, audio, video etc files

    You would be missing your posts which are stored purely in the database.

    From the sounds of it you have been using a cache plugin which has been storing files in a /cache/ folder within wp-content. Depending on which cache plugin you have used will depend on how useful the files within that folder are.

    I would start by doing a google search for "site:example.com" to see what pages of your site have been indexed. I would then grab everything you can out of the Google caches as a precaution.

    After that contact the developer of your cache plugin to see if the contents of your cache folder are of use.

  3. northrn
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Hi scottsweb. Thank you so much for replying.

    In the interests of sharing with anyone else who might have a similar problem, I think you're right about the cache plug-in.

    I just looked at one of the files in wp-content/ and saw advanced-cache.php, where I found the name of the plugin: Quick Cache. I'll contact the developers after pulling what I can from Google caches.

    Have a good weekend.

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