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  • ericweber


    I’m working on a Video Encoding/Management plugin for WP, and plan to sell it in two ways: 1) a user pays a one-time fee and installs it on their own WP site, and as 2) a hosted service where a user pays a monthly fee for use of the plugin + media hosting/encoding.

    The latter option is mainly intended for people without an existing WP site – in other words, for each new user I would install a new WP site on my servers and activate my plugin. Since they would be using their WP admin only for my plugin, I’d like to remove all the unnecessary stuff from the admin section to make it easier for the user. E.g. remove everything from the menu except for my plugin’s menu, customize the dashboard, etc. From what I can tell this could be easily done with an existing plugin like White Label CMS (

    I’m trying to figure out if doing this would be in accordance with the GPL. Anybody?

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