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[Resolved] Reasonable SSL Login Admin Solution?

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  • Solved!!

    Converted to Movable Type…

    Now you need to change your nick to mad4mt.

    Movable Type may have been an option for me if I wanted to learn perl.

    Maybe I will…

    I’ve been tinkering with WP for over a year trying to get it to meet my needs. Yes, WP is popular, extendable and easy to learn *but* it has real maintainance and security issues. Alas, I failed, even with all the plugins, hacks and themes I tried, WP manages to be a show-stopper for my projects because of some WP design decisions.

    I tried [crazy]Xaraya, EE, etc but never thought of trying Movable Type because I know no Perl, $$, etc. However, 2 days ago I went ahead and started playing with its free version and, to my surprise, the thing works like a charm. I mean, MT 3.2 is so well designed to the point that I don’t have to touch a line of Perl.

    Anyway, maybe WP 3.0 will be different?
    I’m starting to have this image of WP as another MS Win: any kid can use it, there are lots of SW for it and it looks nice on day one; but every time you think about using it as an Internet server, you get a gut feeling you’ll regret it. You read more, you test and you discover that you have a heck of gut!

    What are the alternatives to WP (must be PHP) ?

    I’ve only used WP so I don’t know what its weakness/strengths are.

    Just want to say that with a little hacking you can get WordPress to go over secure connecitons for your admin tasks. Based on this method, I was able to set mine up as described here.

    Here’s a plugin that will pass wp-admin over SSL and translate http:// to https:// automagically:


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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