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  • Since I moved two of my blogs to Dreamhost, I have been getting many 404 errors every time I access the WP admin pages of those blogs.

    I never got these 404 errors at my previous hosting provider, and I found out the reason for these errors after contacting Dreamhost.

    Dreamhost told me that my scripts are “getting automatically killed” by the Dreamhost Process Watcher script because my sites were going over their “memory limits” on the shared server.

    When I signed up for Dreamhost I had no idea what these memory limits were and I have never really encountered these sorts of problems before with other hosting companies, so it never occurred to me that I would have these problems at Dreamhost.

    Dreamhost continues with their explanation:

    “Please understand that while you may not be hitting your disk space or
    bandwidth limits, these are actually entirely different things. If we didn’t limit the amount of memory our customers were using on the server, then one customer could bring the system down completely if they so desired! I would highly recommend that you follow the steps in the following wiki article in order to reduce your usage:

    THE SOLUTION: To increase my memory limit, Dreamhost suggests that I pay an additional fee for VPS service (currently $0.50/10MB of memory a month) after trying it out for a week to see exactly what memory I need.

    LESSON LEARNED: Dreamhost is inexpensive if you look only at the monthly fee for unlimited bandwidth, number of hosted sites, etc. However, you may have to pay above this amount, and have to go through a lot of pain and hassle as I have.

    I am not saying Dreamhost is a bad host, just that if I had known I would have to go through this, I would have picked another hosting provider, for example, LiquidWeb, where I have 2 of my other blogs and have had few problems of this sort.

    We shall see . . . I am giving this one more month with Dreamhost. If I am not happy, these 2 blogs are going to Liquidweb (where I am paying $19.95 per month – not the cheapest, but not as many hassles).

    See, it’s not just about price, but the price/quality ratio.

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    Per the Forum welcome, we close topics like this due to the amount of spam that they attract. The WordPress team has provided a list of a few recommended hosting providers. For more details and other recommendations, please search through the forums or via Google (or your preferred search engine).

    (Note: By closing this post I neither support nor condemn the use of the servers listed on the official hosting page, and encourage you to search around.)

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