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  • In IE and Firefox the comments textarea is coming out as wide as the entire page body, pushing the other columns and ruining the layout in IE. How do I resolve this? Would it make sense to change the textarea width in wp-comment.php, try to change it in CSS, or some other way?

    In the HTML source, it’s coming out:

    textarea name=”comment” id=”comment” cols=”100%” rows=”10″ tabindex=”4″

    Is it supposed to be cols=”100%”?

    Original page:

    Theme being used: Tannagh colors by Tech Gnome.

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  • I installed this theme on another site and it is having a slightly different variation of the problem:

    The box does not end up quite so wide, but it’s still really wide.

    I have no idea what’s different between the two sites.

    I’ve deactivated every single plugin on, and still the layout is messed up. Any thoughts?

    Have you posted on TG’s site to ask him about the problem?

    [Edit: y’know, when I have problems like this, I just start plugging different stuff in the css. Try 50% or something….]

    Which element of the CSS? Comment? Problem is I can’t find comment element in the CSS that’s in the theme folder. Is there another CSS?

    I emailed him this morning but no response yet. I didn’t know TG’s site had comments, I’ll check that out.

    Well, try 50% where the 100% is in the html then!

    Well, try 50% where the 100% is in the html then!

    Where is that in WordPress? I mean, the html for something like that, where is it? in one of the wp- files?

    *shrug* Try looking at the comments file. I don’t really know, I’ve never had a problem with that. I’d suggest you look through the theme’s files that have “comments” in their names – this varies with theme. Do a search for “textarea” or “cols=100%” or whatever…. when I look for a string like that I open all the theme’s files in TSP and do a search on all open docs….

    Hi again,

    Well, TG sent me an email last night saying he’ll send me the updated theme, since I’m using the old version apparently (it was on OSWT). We can go from there in terms of seeing what if anything needs to be fixed.

    I had tried searching for textarea and cols=100% in all the theme components and never found it. So I wasn’t sure if maybe it was in the wp- standard files, since it looks like every single wp site has a textarea that’s the same size, and it would be surprising if designers didn’t voluntarily choose to do things differently each his own.

    The Codex discusses the issue of the textarea being too wide because of problems in the preceding CSS but it doesn’t get any more specific about where to look. If any Codex authors are reading this, this would be a nice thing to go into greater detail over. The themes will be put under greater stress as more and more plugins are added (though it seems plugins are not the issue here since I’ve disabled them all).

    I can’t think it’s a wp core file problem, since it’s a rare “syndrome”. Unless there’s something weird about your host server setup, which would also be pretty outré!

    Let us know if tg’s updated one fixes the problem….

    It’s in your comments template. I have mine set around 85% anyway. But you can edit your stylesheet to take care of the problem, I believe, by using this:

    textarea {
    width: 85%;

    That should take care of it in just that particular theme. Changing the comments template will effect a change across all themes.

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