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  • I’ve looked everywhere for an answer and I just can’t seem to find it so here goes…

    I have an image that is 440 in width and 5576 in height. Every time I upload it, WordPress shrinks it to 317 x 4024. Trust me I’ve already fooled around with the media settings and maxed all the heights out to unlimited (0). I’ve even tried setting it to a very high number like 7000 just in case 0 did not work as unlimited. I’ve also made sure all the widths are more than 440.

    This has been bothering me for about a year and searching Google and WordPress’ own forums did not get any results. It’s driving me nuts so tonight I’ve finally signed up for a WordPress support account just to post this question.

    If anyone out there knows how I can fix this, I would greatly appreciate it. I’m going insane!


    Rise Media

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  • Anyone? Any help or pointing me to the right direction would be greatly appreciated.



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    Every time I upload it, WordPress shrinks it to 317 x 4024.

    Are you uploading the image as a background? Or as a normal image for insertion into a Post or Page?

    Hi esmi. Thanks for the reply. I’m uploading it normally to be inserted into my post. I still couldn’t figure this one out… 🙁

    Here’s an example picture that is very long that I am trying to insert into my post but WordPress shrinks it even for full size.

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    If anyone wants to try, save the image and try posting it into your posts. WordPress will not upload the full size.

    Any help from anyone is greatly appreciated.

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