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    I have installed WordPress on a local directory /user/Sites/…., and would like to use your plugin to publish the website to my university’s hosting service, which accepts only static pages.

    I couldn’t connect using the SFTP tool you included, but this does not bother me too much. The bigger issue is that when I copied the files from the /wp-content/plugins/really-static/static directory into my web folder, only the HTML was copied, with none of the themes. You can look at it here.

    Are there other files that need to be copied? Is there a switch somewhere to copy the theme over? Please forgive me; I am new to WordPress and HTML (though I am fairly experienced with command lines).

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  • You problem is right here: <link rel='index' title='Gregory S. Macfarlane' href='http://localhost:8888' /> and here <a href="http://localhost:8888/wp-content/plugins/really-static/static/" title="Gregory S. Macfarlane" rel="home">Gregory S. Macfarlane</a> and is some other places. Those links need to point to your actual live address not to ‘localhost’. I’m sorry but I don’t know to do that using ‘really-static’ but maybe that will get you started a little bit.

    Yeah, I spent some time looking into the html (first time!), and moved the theme subdirectories over. The plugin wasn’t creating the entire site (themes + content). I believe I have fixed it now.

    Thank you for your response.

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