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  • Hi,

    Actually, I do not think I have a problem with WordPress. I think my server, Nuxit, has one.

    Here’s the problem, the site’s admin regularlyw slows down in such a dramatic way that I can’t update any plugin or WordPress itself (i causes 500 internal errors).

    The problem does not appear for the ordinary visitors of the website as I have wp-rocket installed.

    This can be checked here :

    My webhost tells me it’s my fault, it’s because of my plugins or themes or WP itstelf.

    I don’t think it’s because of the plugins or themes as I haven’t changed anything since the problem appeared and aso because the problem also exist within the admin, where, to my opinion, the plugins and themes used for the website should not interfere.

    Would there be someone around to help me prove my point ? Or am I wrong ?

    Thanks a lot,

    Veronique M

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  • Hi @eoik you can:

    1. disable all the unnecesarry plugins
    2. run WP-Optimize ( backup database first )
    3. optimise database via phpMyAdmin or any other database tool
    4. upgrade PHP to ver. 7.3

    These should help. Good luck!

    Thread Starter eoik


    Hi @magefix ,

    1. all unnecessary plugins are already disabled
    2 and 3. i backed up, cleaned and optimized the database (via wp-rocket)
    4. it is already the case.

    nothing has changed….

    thanks anyway !!



    Based on the information you have provided, there is no way to determine whether your site or your host is causing your issues.

    HTTP 500-level errors are server errors. That means no one other than you (or your host) will be able to determine the actual errors that have occurred. GTMetrix and other browser-based speed checks will be of no use until the server issue is resolved.

    Please check your PHP error log, and if it’s available, your Apache error log. If you don’t know how to access these logs, ask your host. The logs will contain the actual errors that caused the HTTP500 messages to be sent to your browser. At that point it will be possible to assign blame, though a more constructive path would be to use the info to fix the issue. đŸ˜‰

    FYI, plugins and themes are loaded in the WP admin panel, and on many WP sites, the highest memory and CPU usage occurs somewhere in the WP admin panel.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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