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  • Recently my sidebar started loading really slowly. In Firefox it’s faster, but in IE (Avant) it can take anywhere from 8-27 seconds to load.

    Does anyone have any idea what might be slowing it down?

    I’ve already removed some of the newer plugins I was using, and I’ve commented out the technorati code, which for some reason or another, always ends up slowing things down at times.

    Any ideas people? Oh, check here:

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  • Seems you have a plugin or sorts in your sidebar showing load time. 7.2 sec here on a cable connection.

    Yes, me too. I’m on cable and the loading time on the sidebar has gotten so slow, it’s unbelievable. I’ve always had that javascript to show loading times on there, but it’s never gotten so slow.

    Even the pics at the top are fairly small – and sometimes it looks like the sidebar itself is not going to load – and it stops the use of the scroller while it’s loading.

    Any thoughts on what’s going on with it?

    Only thing I see is that your page is around 56k, my other blogs are around half that. I didn’t dig too deep into the size of everything, but that could be the problem.

    Well that’s a large size, but why is it slowing when it’s getting to the sidebar? I think most of the content is within the index.php and that doesn’t seem to have a problem loading. And the sidebar never used to have a problem loading – that’s why I’ve taken off so many of the plugins, but it’s still slow.

    I’m trying it again and in Firefox, the page takes less than 1 second to load, but in IE I’m getting 9 seconds and a lock up until the sidebar is finished loading.

    Is it possible any plugins or scripts do not work in IE? This is beyond me.

    Nobody ever offered any solutions to this and I’ve taken half the stuff off the sidebar.

    However, it’s happening again. It seemed to be faster for a while, but now again it’s taking about 8 seconds to load in IE (Avant) and less than 1 second in Firefox.

    Any ideas anyone?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven
    I just loaded that page as fast as any other. No problems.

    Podz, it just loaded for me in IE in 2 seconds. That’s what I was mentioning in a previous post – it gets ok for a while, and then all of a sudden 8 second loading again. That’s why I keep taking off plugins, I don’t know of an answer.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Get Query Diagnostics.
    Keep records for a while….see what shows up ?

    Ok, I’ll try that (if I can figure it out) cuz I just reloaded my site again and it took 55.249 seconds to load – this time it wasn’t even the sidebar, it was the header loading only, and then waiting.

    Thanks for your suggestions.

    Jafer, Are you sure you got no spyware or anything like that? Your site loads soo fast here.

    2.688 seconds

    Ok, tried the Query Diagnostics and it gave me the following message:
    <!– 44 queries. 2.626 seconds. –>

    Could the number of queries be what’s slowing it down? 44 of them (have no idea what they are).

    Xerocool, I think “no spyware” here, 8 zillion programs to check it although I haven’t rebooted for a day or so, and I also tried my site on my honey’s computer and had the same thing.

    Seems to be an intermittent problem. I’m wondering if it’s my host or, God forbid, the cable company, except that it seems to happen so often.

    Well, thats really weird. Did you check your other sub-pages (Without the sidebar) and see if that has any conflict? Does this happen to any other site?

    Nope, just the main page, and just with this site. I have another site using WP and it doesn’t have the same problem, but then I hardly have any plugins on that site either.

    Oh, and welcome back Xerocool – couldn’t access your site for a while.

    I am looking for recommendations to speed up loading of my pages at .. I spent all weekend fixing it because it looked okay with my preferred Internet Explorer but looked like crap with Firefox and Netscape. So – that should work okay now. However, I went to my folks place who has “low-speed cable” which, to me is like Dial-up and he was on 800×600 screen … the page wouldn’t even load.

    I’m sure the halting and slowing up is due to my showing the past 14 days of posts in the main section and all the added junk in my sidebar such as Stats links, affiliate banners, tag-board, stuff like that … the timer doesn’t even show up in I.E. but in netscape shows 17 queries. 2.832 seconds and firefox shows 17 queries. 2.473 seconds .. In reality for me, it is taking more time it seems.

    Any recommendations? What should I get rid of first or can fix to speed this up? I feel like I’m spending too much time as a programmer and webmaster, instead of a blogger etc..


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