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  • This contact form contains CAPTCHA fields, but the temporary folder for the files (/wp-content/uploads) does not exist or is not writable. You can create the folder or change its permission manually.

    The uploads folder DOES exist, as does wpcf7_images and wpcf7_uploads. They’re all CHMODed to fullest permissions possible. My file says my GD and FreeType are enabled. But that’s the message I get when I try to add Really Simple Captcha to Contact Form 7, even though I’ve deleted and re-installed them twice.

    The only potential problems I can think of are that the site is XHTML Strict and in a sub-directory–though I’ve added a php.ini file and a handler command to the sub-directory’s .htaccess file. Under Settings/Miscellaneous on the WP dashboard, I have the uploads URL as since wp-content/uploads didn’t do the trick. Which puts me completely out of ideas!

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  • Under Settings/Miscellaneous on the WP dashboard, I have the uploads URL as since wp-content/uploads didn’t do the trick.

    This must be the cause of your problem. It should be a folder path in your server’s filesystem, not URL.

    In the first line of Settings/Miscelleanous, I’ve tried

    wp-content/uploads (Default)








    None of them work–that’s why I tried putting the URL path in the second line.

    P.S. Thanks for getting back to me at such and unseemly hour!

    Duplicate post, sorry

    Here’s the latest: With /subDirectory/wp-contents/uploads/ in Settings/Miscellaneous (AND my config.php file), I can now get a text field but no CAPCHTA image. Am I getting warmer?

    Okay, you can mark this case closed.

    The Fast And Secure Contact Form I installed worked on the first attempt. I’ve used Contact Form 7 and Simple Captcha several times before, but always on WP sites located in a root directory. I guess I threw them a curve by trying to install them on a site that’s actually an add-on domain.

    I feel a little disloyal, but if I hadn’t made a similar decision a few years ago, I probably wouldn’t be here. I couldn’t install Gray Matter, TrueType or WordPress through my old Web hosting service because they didn’t have the right versions of Perl or PHP. Though they’d served me well for nearly a decade, I had to come to terms with the fact that I no longer had the right version of a Web hosting service!

    Thanks for your attention, help and interest anyway.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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