• The CSS loads at the bottom of all other scripts so it overrides CSS that you have changed in your custom CSS. In order to style this with any sort of average time I had to dequeue the script or add “!important” to my css lines (not gonna happen). And then on top of that you can’t change the size of the thumbnails unless you edit multiple lines in the etsy-shop.php file which will break on the next update. And another issue I have with this is that when you click an image it opens in “_self” when I wan’t it to open in “_blank” so visitors don’t navigate away from my page.

    So to sum up when it comes to customization this plugin is a complete dumpster fire. Hopefully these things will change in the next update and I can change my review.

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    One more problem with this plugin is that it will not show the sale price of items if you are running a promotions

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    Did you create a topic in the forum to address those problems?
    I was not aware about.

    Thank you!

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