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  • I’ve looked for and found a few different queries about ‘no posts matched your criteria’ problems, but none seemed similar to this.

    I’ve got an installation which on my computer appears to be up and running with no problems – it’s a simple site, calling a few pages directly from the sidebar.

    Now, on my wife’s laptop, when I first open a browser window (we both use Firefox) and go to the home page (which uses the new ability to redirect to a fixed page of choice), that first page is fine… but when I click on other pages, I get the ‘no posts matched your criteria’ error message.

    But get this – when I then log in to the control panel, go to ‘Manage pages’, and click on ‘View page’ for one of the pages that wasn’t coming up, not only does it show properly, but I can then go to all the pages without any problems.

    What’s more, if I open a new tab, the site works fine straight off – and if I open a new window, it also works fine.

    But if I close the open window and then open a new one, I’m back to the ‘no posts’ error message.

    Quite bizarre, really! I haven’t had the chance to test it on other computers yet – but if anyone has any bright ideas about what might possibly be causing this, I would be overwhelmingly grateful to hear them!…:-)

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  • I had a similar problem. I disabled permalinks, then reenabled them. WordPress v. 2.1.3.

    HTH 🙂

    Thanks…:-) I tried quite a few different things, but not that – it seems to be okay at the moment (and I’m not sure which stab in the dark worked!), but if it happens again, I’ll try the permalinks.



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