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    I have maybe 10k images, I can’t generate thumbnails for more than 50 at a time or it crashes the server, even then I get a lot of server crashes. 4core, 8gigs of ram cloud server with Siteground. I definitely can’t generate everything all at once or the server crashes. It’s just too RAM-hungry.

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    Your server shouldn’t crash 🙂 That’s not a plugin issue, that’s really a server issue. My plugin goes simply through your image batch by batch, to make it easier for your server to handle; so there is nothing much that can be done to make it better – it doesn’t use more RAM than what’s needed for one request neither, it just consistently does this by batch to optimize this. The problem might be that your server doesn’t cleanup the RAM effectively between requests. It’s not the problem of having 8go of RAM (this is huge for any web server), it’s about using it well – if you are self hosted, you will need to have everything set by a pro, otherwise you will never actually really use the performance of the machine you are on (a default install of PHP and a web server will not work well – which is why I always recommend hosting services specialized in WP, they know how to tune the settings for WordPress).

    You can blame the plugin, it’s your right 🙂 But it’s important to find the real culprit I believe. It might not be the plugin.

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    Thank you. I’ll look more into it on the server side. I use Siteground. It seems to be working better today. When I was originally trying to regenerate all the thumbs were broken so I thought maybe it trying to look for the thumbs and not finding them was causing some issues.
    But since then Siteground did flush some cache on the site so possibly something was not running correctly. Might have also just been something weird too like Wordfence scanning each file as they were getting created since I have the sensitivity set high on Wordfence and it will scan JPGs.

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