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  • I posted a thread and never solved the problem;

    A hilight of the problem:

    The menubar text is really small
    My posts text shrink continuously down the page

    Sorry for double posting but i’ve tried:

    Resetting my CSS with the standard one
    Resetting my Index.php with the standard one
    Resetting my Sidebar.php with the standard one
    Using the default theme template thing…

    Please help me. I’m prettey sure its not a CSS problem. I also disabled all my plugins and it didn’t make a difference

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  • I can’t see anything that should be doing that. At this point, I might be inclined to backup the whole thing and overwrite with a fresh distro. Pretty strange…. and btw, why are you using frames?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    You have a lot of basic errors:

    The post text looks like a div somewhere in the loop is not being closed so an ever decreasing loop is set up.

    I’d say that working on the errors will sort this out.

    Lucky you, podz, if you got the validator to load – it’s refusing to do anything but time out for me today! Poop.

    Please can you point out the exact incorrect DIV? I’ve had a look through the Validation Results and i’m not that good with XHTML ( i had a quick go on but thats about it.
    I really need to sort this out quickly!

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    There are 99 errors, and me jumping in and saying “That one” could produce more errors as they cascade through the document. It’s worth your time to go through the validation results and fix them all.

    I can see two things that may help out, they may not fix it, but they certainly won’t hurt.
    Replace all your & with & a m p ; -no spaces- in your content, but not the code.
    Also, your < small > tags don’t seem to be closing. I don’t know why this is, but I’m going to guess that if you have a small tag -content- and small tag -content- etc and so on, your text will get smaller. Thus the cascade effect podz refers to.

    There is a way forward. Comment all your div closers.

    As has been said you need to pay attention to your nesting and closing of tags.

    The problem lies with the incorrect nesting and closing of the ‘small’ tag and the fact that you have given it a font-size of .9em where the body default size has already been reduced to 62% / 10px, that in itself will give you fairly illlegible text.

    Try changing the font-size in the ‘small’ ruleset in the stylesheet or commenting it out and you you’ll see it normalise.

    Remember that em units like percentages are relative units of length so you always need to pay attention to the cascade.


    nope commenting the small tag doesn’t do anything, really quite confusing as i replaced the whole stylesheet with the original..
    I’ve minimised the 99 invalidities to 55 now and im still working on it, but for some reason it is really quite a strange thing how it is such a strong effect on the text – Especially as it is only the index.php and no other page because it is all perfectly restored on any other page. Can someone offer any assistance on Instant Messaging to finishing the invalid XHTML corrections because its a little confusing?

    Thanks alot guys!


    Ok commenting it out was inaccurate as the ‘small’ tag has an inherent sizing value whereby it reduces size by a value of 1 but if you had tried adjusting the font-size up as I suggested then you would have seen things improve. Go through your index and remove all the instances of the ‘small’ tag then start again carefully, it’s not really strange it doesn’t manifest itself on other pages, the ‘small’ tag only occurs in the comments single post pages and there you do not suffer as much of a cascade effect.


    I have indeed used the small tag on many of my posts to shrink the ‘related links’ titles i use but other then that there was no affect till all of a sudden and what i’m trying to figure out is what i actually did to trigger it. If i’d left a tag unclosed then surely replacing the stylesheet, index, header and even the theme would have fixed that…? Obviously there are errors as there have been before the site became a bit messy, therefore are you asking me to go through all the places i have used the <small> tag and make sure i’ve closed them?/

    Well, somebody has to do it 🙂
    Actually if you look at your veeeeeeeery long page carefully (hate to look at the source of mile long pages!) you can see at which post will the font size start to shrink.
    You have incorrectly nested tags, like this:
    <p>some text here</p></small>

    In several places the small tag is not closed at all.

    yeah i thought it’d be somthing like that after going thru that tutorial..
    will this help:;

    Its a XHTML validator for WordPress thats supposed 2 correct all the code to make it XHTML Valid for Transitional or Strict.

    I did have a look through my index to no avail, so you mean going through every post on the page then…I was doing that but i’ll have another look!


    If you have Firefox and you click on View Source it will show you exactly all the warnings, mistakes etc. 🙂

    From your CSS:
    #sidebar {
    font: 1em 'Lucida Grande', Verdana, Arial, Sans-Serif;

    Missing semi colon after 1em.? And should it be font-family?

    Edit: I am wrong about this. On W3C this is the right syntax. Sorry.

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