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  • It uploaded my blocked ip’s from Wordfence, and now I have over the limit of 1,400 ip’s blocked and cannot block ranges which would allow me to do away with the servers that are sucking all of my bandwidth.
    It seems that using the API managed to slip so far past the limit, it’s virtually impossible to delete them all unless I spend endless hours deleting them one by one.

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  • Hi,

    We currently don’t have a way to do a bulk clear, unfortunately (next version of Threat Control will have this).

    Note: We wouldn’t upload IPs to your block list in Threat Control without your asking us to via the API. We don’t add items to your block list automatically.

    Had a lot of them in wordfence. The CloudFlare Threat Management plugin must have done is. I told it to upload and when I was finished, somehow now there’s over 2,500 ip’s blacklisted. The only way I can find to delete them is click one at a time and it takes forever to update each one. Don’t know how it got so far past the 1,400 limit, but I’m considering moving the domains to a new account to resolve it.

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    I’m a but confused, my plugin “CloudFlare Threat Management” also allows you to “clearlist” certain addresses, so couldn’t you put your list in the clearlist box and have it remove the individual IP addresses for you?

    I don’t have any way to get list of the 2,500 or 3,500 individual addresses that seem to be blocked. I understand that you are only supposed to be able to block 1,400 but By my count I have 4,000 +
    When I load the web interface cloudflare threat control, it’s still saying “more entries to load” with 4012 entries shown.

    While not optimal…that would most certainly work.

    We’re working on a clear all type function for the next iteration of Threat Control.

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    You’re right… I have no way with the current cloudflare API to “get a list” of banned IP addresses. Damon, is this something that you could work into your API so that we could retrieve white/black lists from cloudflare?

    You really need to enforce the 1,400 limit, I don’t have a clue what went beserk, but the threat control on that account us useless right now. It takes several minutes to load the “more entries” and adds several hundred at each iteration.

    **threat control on that account is useless right now**

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    The 1400 limit wasn’t mentioned on the API Page anywhere, so I didn’t know about it. I can certainly add that to the next release.

    I don’t think it’s mentioned anywhere. I opened a ticket on the Cloudflare site when the web interface started rejecting new IPs. Got an answer appraising me of the limit.

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