• The first two hours of testing I was really disappointed – nothing worked as I was used to. After some more hours I love the new Gutenberg editor, it’s so much fun to work with it and the possibilities to individualize the articles are nearly endless.

    Yes, it needs some time to become friend with Gutenberg, so don’t give up to early. Yes, there are some problems to be solved (thumbnails in galleries for example), but when they are solved Gutenberg will be a perfect editor system.

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  • I agree! First I was happy to see the wysiwyg editor, I tried it and saw all nifty widgets. Then I got stuck, I was irritated about the “image in text” issue! I write and edit thousands of reviews and articles every year. Some things just can not take an hour to fix. So I went back to the old editor, fixed my images and back to Gutenberg again.

    Beside that I have more design freedom, I can change color of text and background. If I add new plugins, they will automatically add to the (+) widgets. So I added a shadow plugin. Now my text boxes looks floating. Still miserable with image options.

    I discovered that I easily can design a new page in the same way – bye, bye static black, white and grey!

    I enjoy that the UI is easier but the tool box should be floating! It is still much I don’t like about WP but that has nothing to do with any editor. The new editor (Gutenberg) is a burst of color to the otherwise gray WP

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    @deichschaf thanks for leaving a review and testing the new editor experience. I would love to know more about what you feel could have helped you in those few hours. I am glad you got past that, but what do you think really would have eased that? I am really happy you are now a friend with Gutenberg.

    @nyhetspalatset that’s interesting feedback, thanks for your insights. What do you think could be done to ease you not having to go back into the Classic editor?

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    Hi Tammie (@karmatosed),

    thank you so much for your answer. Of course I will try to explain what were my problems and what I wished for help. First of all: Sorry for my bad English; I’m from Germany and my English is not the best.

    I knew that Gutenberg is on the way and I read everything I found. The problem was that I found a lot of lists with the features of Gutenberg but nothing how to use them. I never worked with a side builder before, so I had no experience at all. I knew that Gutenberg works with blocks, but what did this mean?

    With the last update I could try myself – and it was really frustrating. I felt like a non-swimmer in a big pool. For example I searched the possibility to change the permalink of an article; with help of the support forum I found out (hours later) that I must klick on the title to change the permalink. I love reading manuels but for Gutenberg I had none and searching with Goole brought me only English sides.

    I decided not to stay at things I didn’t understand but to look at what was easy to find out: Colors, buttons, font sizes and so on. That was my falling in love with Gutenberg and gave me the motivation to stick to it. There are a lot ot things I do not know at the moment (how to get content in tables for example), but the things I found out are so great and give me so much fun, that this is no problem. Gutenberg is not yet final and I am sure, problems will be solved and turorials how to use Gutenberg (not only feature lists) will come.

    Today I wrote my first article with Gutenberg to tell my readers what I’m doing at the moment and show them some of the easiest possibilies of Gutenberg. I’m really proud (even if the article is a little bit colorful) that I succeded in writing it with Gutenberg and I have no desire at all to go back to the classic editor as long as the problem with the gallery thumbnails is solved. Perhaps I’ll find a temporary solution so I can stay with Gutenberg.

    You and your Gutenberg team did a gread job, thank you so much for that!

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    @karmatosed What I am experiencing right now is a lot of bugs! The main problem is with images. I noticed that I don’t need to add a new box to write a few lines (which I was looking desperatly for), it is enough by just clicking on the (+) above or below a box, where I want to write. That’s good!

    What I wanted to do was to change images. Normally I mark the image that I want to change and then click “add media”.

    When I deleted the image to replace it with a new one in Gutenberg, the new image appeared below all other boxes. When I wanted to drag it, my mouse could have ended up in another country but still the image was in the “footer”! (Something buggy there).

    So I went over to the editor and fixed the images that needed to be changed. I discovered that I could place an image inside the “box”, that I gave a background color, but only in the editor! In Gutenberg, I can’t place an image inside of a text block. When this happened, I understood that Gutenberg and the Editor together was completing eachother.

    Then I was to go back to continuing designing but, when back on Gutenberg, some of the blocks disappeared. I clicked pages again, without saving (this is a page I am editing) and chose the old editor. All the information was still there. But if I saved in Gutenberg, everything that “looked” gone, was so too! So I had to pick an earlier revision. (Something buggy here).

    Also the paragrafs, bullets and citation marks “”, can not be changed back once we use it in a text. I used a paragraf to enlighten that part. But, this box can not be colored, so I was to remove “paragrafs”.

    In the old editor, we click the icon to change it back but in Gutenberg, there are no such option, so I had to write that part again and delete the first box. Everytime that I go back to (G) now, half the information on the page is gone.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love this development but, it is really buggy!

    @karmatosed I just saw a new thing (or old)? I found the old editor as a block in my text now on Gutenberg! Nifty, I like it 🙂

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    Just a note that this is someones review, please don’t take it over for your own bugs/support, please use the forums for reporting them, or create GitHub issues if they’re not already there and you feel comfortable doing so.

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