• If you need a good shortcode plugin, try this one. I use the Flatsome theme, and I use SU combined with UX Blocks and works very well. For example, you want 2 or 3 tabs in your product page with info that you want to use in every product (shippping cost, payment methods,…). You can use SU to add that in each product, but if you want to change something you need to change in each product. So I create a new UX Block, add a SU code for what I want, wrote what I need in those tabs, and that´s all. I just need to copy the shorcode name and put it in the product description, and everytime you need to change the text on those tabs, all tabs are updated where you used them.

    This is just an example of what you can do with SU, and is compatible with almost any theme. I really recommend this one.

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