• I was quite surprised that my comments were still high on the first page of the support forum (usually meaning that the plugin is not downloaded very much), but even though it’s really fiddly to use and you need to work out a new workflow to cover a blog with over 400 posts, this works better than anything else out there!

    My original question was concerning Google Analytics type links, that open in a shrunken window.

    It’s a lot easier when you work out the components, width and height, then save them onto a notepad, and remember to ‘paste as plain text’, and copy the link address from the original link, then delete it when the popup is compiled.

    Lots of these popup plugins can only be relied on to popup content from WordPress websites, but this one pops-up content from government websites, Wikipedia, and I even tried a couple of Google Maps links last night, all of which opened in shrunken popup windows.

    Right then, better crack on with the rest of my 400 posts!

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