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  • scottrobins


    We moved from a Joomla plugin to WordPress – ListingPro, and decided we needed a plugin that would be performance ready.

    The move from Joomla to ListingPro was a breeze, the move from ListingPro to GeoDirectory has been an absolute nightmare.

    1. GeoDirectory’s support although they are super responsive have not resolved many of the issues we have encountered. For example, we are trying to create a very simple contact form using Listimia theme and between Listimia and Geodirectory both are saying it’s not there problem. We have gone back and forth with Geodirectory and their response’s are abrupt and not helpful at all.

    We have run into major issues with their import plugin and it still does not seem to be working.

    One of the BIGGEST issues with Geodirectory is if you have many categories you need to have multiple CPT’s. This is their biggest FLAW. So as per their supports response

    “This is how a CPT works, you can have different filters per CPT.”

    I am absolutely astounded by their response, at the end of the day its a DIRECTORY plugin is it not !

    This means you need to create fields for each CPT which is insane and not practical at all. We have over 88 categories so if for example we have 20 fields we then need to create 1760 fields !!

    I contacted their support over a month ago and we still not received any update as to when this is going to be fixed.

    V2 of GeoDirectory has serious potential but it needs about 6 – 12 months of work before its a viable alternative.

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  • Plugin Author Stiofan



    I am sorry to hear GD is not working for your needs.

    As discussed previously, you are moving from an unscalable system to GeoDirectory but want to carry over the unscalable parts. What you consider our biggest flaw, i consider our biggest strength, you just need to be willing to re-organise your data to fit our system.

    Just to follow up specifically on your points:

    1. Your issue with the contact form is a style one. The theme you are using uses one form on the page and that is fine, but we allow you to have multiple, this is an issue for the contact form used so we load it in a lightbox with only their original styles not the theme styles, this allows for greater flexibility in functionality.

    2. I had suggested you use CPTs as Industries which will encapsulate many of your categories into respective industries and allow for more specific custom fields per industry. The way you want to do it can’t scale and is why the products you have tried in the past can’t scale. If you fit your date to our system it will scale. I have offered to help you find the best way to do this on our own forums.

    I am more than happy to assist you to structure your data in a way that will scale, but if you insist on carrying over things that won’t scale from other products we can’t help. We have been doing it this way for the better part of a decade with many happy customers 🙂

    Kind Regards,

    Stiofan O’Connor

    Plugin Author Paolo


    I just want to add a note for clarity about this:

    One of the BIGGEST issues with Geodirectory is if you have many categories you need to have multiple CPT’s. This is their biggest FLAW. So as per their supports response

    This is not true or it’s an oversimplification.

    If the categories share the custom fields, 1 CPT can do.

    Even if you have 500 categories.

    If you have different custom fields for each category and you have a lot of categories, using 1 CPT is still possible, but in that case, you need to create 1 price for each category and assign the right custom fields to each price.

    Price selection would happen before adding the listing, this would only load the right fields for each category and you can easily make the category pre-selected.

    So what you want to do is feasible, but not really functional.

    What Stiofan suggested though is the right way to do it and the only real scalable way.

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