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  • I am wondering if anybody knows of a plugin / combination of plugins that will solve my problem.

    I need to be able to put up a paywall on my website for certain things so only registered users can view them. The tricky bit is user management. I want to assign an admin account for a company and then that person can add everybody in their company to the website. They will be able to edit/delete the users that they create. They should also not be to see users created by other companies within the website. They should also only be able to create users with the lowest access.

    It would also be nice if I could assign certain pages/posts to certain companies.

    I am requesting this because I expect my website to become unmanageable if I suddenly have 20 companies, each with 400 employees all being managed by me. I would like to delegate the user management to admins within the companies.

    There are several plugins I have tried but the biggest problem is that I have to give admin rights away (which I don’t want to do), I have tried limiting what users can do, so that they can only create users, but this still means that they can create admins, which defeats the point.

    Does anybody know of any solutions to this tricky one…


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  • Same problem here. Any suggestions are welcome.

    How about developing Groups plugin a bit further, Itthinx?

    @silakka Certainly, it’s actively being developed. There is an improvement on its way with respect to the way Groups will handle read/write access to posts both on back and front end. Currently there is only one capability that you can assign to a group and that is not sufficient if you need disjoint subsets of posts accessible to different groups. That will change and should also help to handle the case that @leighsnelson37 mentions.

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