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  • Real beginner here – sorry!

    I have installed WP fine, understand most of it and have successfully downloaded, activated and even configured several plugins.

    My problem is that I dont see how I can make the plug in visable (usable!) from my WP web site – Do I add it to a page, do I add it to a menu, if so I cannot see any way to do this – This must be so obvious but it has me stumped!

    Thanks in advance!

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  • What plugin are you talking about? Any more detail will help.

    It is any plugin that I download – but examples are:

    WorldWeather Pro
    Event Organiser
    Events Manager

    The only clue I have is installing the plugin called “WP Wunderground 1.2.5” – This has a useful help page that tells me to access the plugin I have to add the syntax [forecast] to my post or page – WHich makes sense (but I have no idea how to find this syntax for the other plugins!) – But even adding [forecast] does not display anything.

    I must be being really dumb!

    Check the documentation for each plugin. The exact usage varies.

    OK thanks – Just thought that there may be a default way of calling the plugins.

    OK – here is a good example – If I download, install and activate World Weather Pro – It installs fine and shows as active. But if I check the docs all they say are:

    (Which gives me no clue how to access / view / display this plugin !!!)
    === WorldWeather Pro ===
    Contributors: Ghost1227
    Donate link:
    Tags: temperature, weather, widget, world weather
    Requires at least: 3.3
    Tested up to: 3.4
    Stable tag: 1.0

    WorldWeather Pro is a simple, customizable weather widget for WordPress.

    == Description ==

    WorldWeather Pro is a simple, customizable weather widget for WordPress. Powered by the World Weather Online API, WorldWeather Pro supports 40 weather types.

    == Installation ==

    1. Unzip the downloaded ‘’ file

    2. Upload the ‘worldweather-pro’ folder to ‘/wp-content/plugins’ directory of your WordPress installation

    3. Activate the plugin via the WordPress Plugins page

    == Frequently asked questions ==

    None yet

    == Changelog ==


    = Version 1.0 =

    * Initial release

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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