• After around 5 months of back and forth, countless support tickets (their website doesn’t store the tickets, gives 404 errors), they keep closing the tickets thinking they resolved issues (not).

    Some problems of the plugin were tweaked by their support team, but they had conflicts with other woocommerce plugins and we couldn’t use it on our main website, so we asked them to change the license to another website of our Company, which they did.

    It didn’t work there also, it broke our checkout page (elessi theme) with a .js error. We had a broken website for the whole weekend leading to lost orders. We received emails from our customers letting us know of the matter. Not even a ”sorry for the inconvenience” or for the trouble caused by their Team. They just kept calling after our office hours, looking to resolve the issue via anydesk. Countless of problems.

    The most “ridiculous” thing is their hidden refund policy (inside their PRIVACY POLICY page, which is just irrelevant). It is buried there and it is simply nonsense (and most probably illegal)

    They just don’t want to refund you. They keep asking to log into anydesk or call you to resolve issues, but enough is enough.

    The worst support we had ever in WordPress community. I literally never experienced any other company refusing to refund you for a plugin that breaks your website or simply doesn’t work.

    372,00 € (that is the cost of their yearly plan) down the drain. Such a waste. Too bad this is a Greek Company.

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