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  1. paulie69
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Same thing here. Zapped my main site. I didn't know what the heck was going on when I "upgraded" my copy of Genesis Prose and everything died and went blank.

    Lucky I made a copy via Duplicator before.

    Can someone please fix this issue? Mods? Where are you??

    • Sorry, but what are you talking about...?

      If you've a problem with this plugin please post a support topic to this theme's dedicated support sub forum.


      Edit: If two theme's are named the same then the WordPress.ORG version will over write the non-WP.ORG one. That's not something that can be controlled by the theme author.

      One of these plugins may work for you but I suggest you speak with your theme vendor.


    • paulie69
      Posted 1 year ago #

      Hi Jan,

      Thanks for your reply. If you see that threat you will understand why we are saying and what the problem is.

      On one hand you say to post in the respective forum for the conflicting theme and then you say the plugin author has no control over such an issue. Then it is a WordPress issue... logically. The author is forced to have control if WordPress enforces strict naming policy.

      The issue is why does WordPress (whether. ORG or self hosted) allow this ambiguity to happen in the first place?

      Shouldn't there be a mechanism to stop
      two themes being called the same name? Ie two themes names "Prose" as in this example. This kind of thing is taking down our sites so it a serious issue. The idea of disabling theme updates is an adhoc idea that does not address the problem but thankyou for suggesting it.

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