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  • I’ve been using WordPress for about a week now. What the [redacted] is so trendy about it? I used to modify Blogger (Blogspot) templates with such ease. NEVER ONCE did I encounter the types of problems I’m encountering with WordPress.

    Here are some of the issues I’ve yet to resolve with WordPress.

    1.) The [moderated] footer links provided by ego-driven theme authors which are impossible to remove. If anyone wants to tell me how to properly remove these stupid credits WITHOUT screwing up my blog, then by all means, SHARE!

    2.) Slideshows on particular themes. No functionality. Impossible to modify the overlay or to remove the post excerpt. Again, if someone wants to help me solve this problem, BE MY GUEST.

    3.) Why the [redacted] does one need a plugin just to have Facebook pick up your WordPress blog’s images as thumbnails? Are the folks behind WordPress THAT incompetent?

    4.) Adding photos into your post- static and boring. With Blogger, you can quickly add photos and DRAG and DROP them where you want in your body text. With WordPress, NO.

    5.) MOST OF ALL– and this is extremely important– where the [redacted] does one enter a description for their site that Google will display when folks run a search? Don’t give me this “tagline” [moronic expletive deleted]. I went ahead and made a simple tagline for my site. Then I googled it. Know what came up? (1) My site name. (2) The site tagline. (3) THE [moderated] BACKLINKS AND CREDITS OF THE THEME AUTHOR.

    There’s a bunch of other issues I haven’t addressed. But I’m [moderated]. If anyone wants to help me out with the above issues, please do so.

    *I’m using the “Mobileweek” template, by the way.

    So what’s so trendy about this “powerful” platform? “Code is poetry” my [moderated]!

    Moderator note: Please control your language 🙂

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  • if you want to remove links then show some $$$
    and or have someone create you a custom theme.

    rather then wanting to rip others off…

    ya, run back on over to kiddie blogger land….

    Don’t let the door hit you.

    Glad you’ve found something to get worked up about 🙂 If using WordPress makes you so upset, I suggest you stick with Blogger, which might be better suited to your skill level.

    I’ll try to answer your questions one by one as best I can.

    1. You can usually remove things from your theme’s footer.php. If you put enough effort into releasing a completely free theme, you’d want a link credit in there too. It’s fine to remove it as long as you realize that it takes a lot of work to make a WordPress theme.
    2. Perhaps if you could elaborate on this one a bit you’ll get better help.
    3. WP can’t include every feature that everyone’s second cousin might want. The amount of effort required to install a plugin is so small that you really shouldn’t complain 🙂
    4. You can drag photos around to get them where you want.
    5. Install the All in One SEO Pack plugin. It hass all the SEO functionality you need.

    So what’s so trendy about this “powerful” platform?

    The very thing you’re upset about – that you have to install plugins to do certain things, is where the powerfulness lies. You can do virtually anything you want with WordPress and the appropriate plugin, unlike Blogger, which is not open source and is copyrighted by Google. If you play around with it long enough, you’ll get the hang of it. If not, just go back to blogger if it makes you happier. No need to get boiling mad over this.

    [Edit]: I deleted your impatient bump. You need to realize that on a volunteer forum you sometimes have to wait longer than eight minutes to get help.

    Well said Micah, more than i can say and much better!

    This is a professional site and as such your attitude and language won’t fly. From now on if you need help – go elsewhere.
    If you had come here reasonably and posted your issues – there are simple solutions for every one- you would have gotten help.
    As it is – bye now.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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