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  • Superb work! But unfortunately I had to uninstall it, since I couldn’t spend $229 to make it fully functional.

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  • Plugin Author Jean Galea


    Glad you like the plugin, why did you leave a 1 star rating if you think it’s superb? Also, I’d like to know where the $229 figure came from, as our most expensive add-on combination is far less than that.

    Of course it’s a superb plugin. But for me it was useless since I couldn’t use it. That was why I left 1 star.

    Yeah just now I realized that there is a mistake in my calculation.

    This plugin costs 117$ to make it fully functional.

    Feed to Post : 67$
    Keyword Filtering : 15$
    Excerpts & Thumbnails : 20$
    Categories : 15$

    Plugin Author Jean Galea


    This applies to any plugin review you leave here on

    Ratings should reflect your experience with the plugin you are downloading from specifically, as well as support received. The ratings should not reflect premium add-ons available or what you think of their pricing. In the light of that this 1 star rating is unfair and I hope you understand that. Think about why the review system actually exists. You leave a review to help other people know about your experience with the plugin, and give valuable feedback to the developer. I don’t think your review achieves any of those two aims.

    With regards to add-on pricing, plugin developers make their hard-work available for free via plugins in the repository, and then may supply premium add-ons to further support development of the plugin. Whether you think the price is cheap or not should have no reflection in the ratings you give here.

    We have introduced premium add-on bundles. You can now have the Simple Feeds Bundle for $35 or the Advanced Feeds Bundle for $77. Therefore your calculation is not correct.

    My review says what I think about the plugin and the rating reflects my experience with the plugin. I installed the plugin and realized it is a good one, so I wrote the review as it’s good. But I couldn’t achieve what I expected from the plugin, so I rated with 1 star.

    How do you expect me to rate with 5 stars for something that didn’t fulfill my need? 😉

    This review may say what you think but it is utter rubbish and caused me to waste more than $117 of my time checking out alternatives. When I finally came back to it in desperation I found I could create what I needed for $20 in less than 30 minutes. In part this was possible because unlike a lot of the alternatives this package is supported by excellent documentation and video explanations. It may not have suited your needs, but you needed to be more responsible in making comments.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    and caused me to waste more than $117 of my time checking out alternatives.

    Wait. What?

    This is a review. The plugin author replied. Before you decide to spend money you really need to do the research first. This review might have been part of that research but in no way is it responsible for any purchasing decision you may have made.

    Plugin Author Jean Galea


    People really need to learn how to use the review system here on, or it has to be made clearer.

    Here are some posts on the subject:

    Review means what an user thinks about the particular article. It’s an user’s freedom. So, a developer can’t expect it to be positive always.



    Forum Moderator

    @jean Galea: That’s a nice couple links. I especially liked the reference to an entire review based on the fact that one particular feature they wanted was a $25 extension in

    Hi Jan you need to be read what I said more carefully. I did not spend money on other options. Just spent a lot time based on an inaccurate review. Of course its Mayasi’s opinion. But it should have been written more responsibly. There is a big difference between don’t buy this because it costs $229 to implement which actually turned out to be only $117 and in my particular case only cost $20.

    Just because a plug in does not meet my precise needs does not mean I should review it. The point of a review is surely not just a place to air your views, but to help other people make decisions. I tried several other plug ins as an alternative to this. They did not meet my needs, that does not make them a 1 star rating and I have not written reviews about them. The various links about what makes a good and bad review make good reads.

    Plugin Author Jean Galea


    @esmi Indeed, the .org plugin review system along with the support forum attracts some unappreciative folks at times.

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