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    My blog has slowed down quite a bit. I’m using a few plug-ins, but even with them all turned off it’s still crawling. It is slow in nearly all aspects from viewing to managing.

    It may be related to the fact that I’m trying to manage a database of almost 4000 names for emailing new posts. I’m using WordPress Email Notification Plugin v2.3.1 I had tried another email notifier that created a user’s list of all the names but it didn’t like such a large list.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on this? Know of a good email package for WordPress? Know how to fix my users table in the db?

    Thanks in advance to all

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    hmm, the blog off the link in your profile?

    It loaded fairly quickly for me.

    If youre interested in diagnosing you might try putting this:

    <?php echo $wpdb->num_queries; ?> <?php timer_stop(1); ?>

    in the footer of your current theme.

    That will tell you how many mysql queries are being performed and give you an idea of load time.

    Know how to fix my users table in the db?

    whats broke about it?

    thanks for the pointer on the queries.

    I’m getting between 16 and 21 queries for each page load. That’s with all of the plug-ins off except: askimet, sociable, and wp-cache.

    It can take 20 or 30 seconds for the page to reload after a “save and continue” during post editing.

    Any pointers for that?





    yes, absolutely, dont ping.. thats a common complaint. Or use that no-ping wait plugin (i dont know where to find it off-hand, I dont use it)

    Your query count isnt high at all. Of course, you might want to add back plugins, maybe a cpl at a time, and see how that changes.

    I get a figure from the load query of 79 1.003 What does this actually mean? Thanks.

    Probably 79 queries in 1.003 seconds.

    I’ve finally traced my slow down to our firewall. When I tried the blog from home it runs just fine.

    This was a lot of effort for nothing killing myself to figure out what’s wrong with the blog when the problem is elsewhere.

    Anyone have any tips on how I can get the firewall reconfigured to run the blog efficiently?

    Hi Moshu. Thanks for the answer – thought it might mean that! Is this good or bad and if bad, have you any suggestions to improve it? Thanks.





    the only way to decrease queries is to remove plugins, or remove redundancy, _if_ any exists to remove.

    and no, that query count isnt especially high, if youre using more than a few plugins.

    Thanks whooami – maybe I need more DDRAM on my PC!

    ckieff, I’ve found by shutting off the anti-phishing and other website filters on my firewall does the trick.

    My WordPress went from taking 90 seconds to load, down to about 2 seconds or less.


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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