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  • This can easily be done using CSS.

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    thanks for the reply but i does not familiar with coding
    i was just started try building my website
    it would bee great if you could point me on how to get it work

    i trying to get the login form as below

    Username or E-mail
    (wanna bring the data keyin box below here)

    (data keyin box below here too for the password)

    Okay, I’m eyeballing this one because I have no actual access to the page but let’s start by adding this to your additional CSS (check the Customizer in Dashboard for it)

    #theme-my-login .label { display: block!important; }

    See if that works for you. If it doesn’t then please share a link the site so I can look up the correct selectors, this is a very easy fix but it needs to address the correct frontend element ID’s and classes.

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    this is my website address
    added the css but no luck it’s still the same
    i notice it’s also the same at register pages

    #theme-my-login label {
        display: block;

    This works when I add it locally here. If it doesnt, add !important, like so:
    display: block!important;

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    thanks mate u really save my day
    i have been searching online for few days to get it working but all return with no luck

    off topic
    i saw another plugin to hide wordpress structure
    WP Hide & Security Enhancer
    does it recomanded?

    Not a problem at all, this is what we’re all here for.

    Hiding WordPress doesn’t do anything for security it’s a mere layer of obscurity that projects a false sense of security and is actually more dangerous.

    I recommend the plugin WordFence instead, it’s the best security plugin out there and the free version is sufficient for most websites.

    So, actually making WordPress secure beats hiding it.

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    i just notice on related product under my main product page there the add to cart button was not allign
    is there anyway to allign them too? just as my home page where add to cart button was able to align nicely?

    I’m not seeing anything unusual, can you please get more specific? The buttons are currently aligned to the center position which is how it’s ‘supposed to be’ in the theme you’re using.

    As you can see, the difference in height doesn’t come from the buttons but from the additional information displayed above it on some products, but not all. This is something that will always happen to some extend and I wouldn’t worry about it too much. However if it is bothering you a lot then this guide will be the remedy:

    Thread Starter snigapoe


    for example on this pages

    the add to cart button was not align on same row

    or is there anyway to put the add to cart button only show up whitin the product image when i hover my mouse over it?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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