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  • I want to know how i can put a post in a page, i got many pages which i want to put some post into certain ones.

    before i put this question i did a search and people are not helpfull at all, STOP ASKING PEOPLE WHY THEY DONT USE CATEGORIES.

    one reason why i don’t use category is that i have different sidebars related to pages

    and i want to be able to do the same with post.

    is it possible?

    thank you to anyone with something productive to say.

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  • Display post in a page / Display posts in pages
    You can create a Page Template, then in that Page Template, use the template tag, query_posts(), or get_posts(), to display posts with whatever criteria you desire. Don’t forget, after you create the Page Template, assign it to appropriate Page(s).

    I’ve done it this way before, but what I’d like to do now is have 1 page template that contains a call to display posts from category X where the value of X is indicated in a custom field value. I’d also like an if/then statement so that if there is no value (i.e. no corresponding custom field) then there is no display at all. This way I can associate a post category with a page without creating potentially dozens of page templates.

    My specific use is to associate sports pages (coaches, schedule, roster) with related press releases on a university athletics site.

    I don’t suppose anyone can point me to a resource or existing plugin to make this happen?

    Bloom – Might look at this:

    I can see what it’s doing, and it is similar. Unfortunately I’m not a coder and probably won’t be able to rework it to meet my specific needs. Looks like I’ll have to get a plugin developer on the job. Thanks!

    Please consider posting a “New Job Request” [1] to have a professional work with you, or consider joining and soliciting professional assistance from the wp-pro mailing list [2].


    I’m not a “coder” either, but it sure sounds like this is what I’m trying to do.

    I would like to be able to do a post as it is currently being done but then be able to direct the post to a page. If no direction it should default to the front page, but it would be great to have a drop down where you could direct the post to appear on a “static” page.

    Example: I have a blog for a community theatre. On the front page I want to display the current show advertisement categorized with the season it is in so later all the shows in that category can be displayed when selected. I would also like a page where I could post theatre news or announcements and use categories the same way.

    I’m surprised that there are not more calls for this type of thing.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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