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  • All of a sudden, after working fine, when I write a new post using the form at the top of the homepage, the real time update does happen (the ajax loading of the new post written) and I get a message pop up in the middle of the screen saying:

    “your update has been posted”

    I have to refresh the page to see the post. Any ideas why? I have added nothing in terms of changes to the theme before it stopped working and haven’t changed any plugins.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,

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  • Doesn’t work here either.

    I had a test environment with WP 2.9 beta but it didn’t work.
    I thought it might get fixed in WP 2.9 Final.
    Now I have WP 2.9, P2 1.1.3, no plug-ins and php5 without real time updates.

    Everybody is getting different results, I think it might be a server configuration problem.

    Btw, it never worked here.

    OK, backed off to 2.8.6 (latest 2.8 series). P2 now works fine.

    So there’s clearly something wrong with P2 vs the whole 2.9 series (failed with 2.9 and 2.9.1 beta 1).

    I’m OK for now.

    What’s the official way to notify the P2 maintainers about this incompatibility?

    Posting here is fine to notify P2 devs. But, it’s not an incompatibility. Many people (most) are using P2 and 2.9 just fine. What specific errors are you getting? What is your complete environment?

    The AJAX loading of posts/comments isn’t working for me either, and I just upgraded to 2.9.1.

    I’d really like to solve this real-time updating problem. I’ve got PHP 5.2.9 on my server, and it isn’t working. What other specific information do you need to help us solve this problem?

    I tested P2 on a WP 2.8.4 install on the exact same server, and the real-time updating works fine, so I agree that there is some incompatibility between P2 and WP 2.9.x.

    Also, I’m getting some funny visual glitches in the posts below the post box as I type and especially when I backspace. It’s like the second post down shifts upwards momentarily, and then goes back into place. Not sure what’s causing that. This happens both on the 2.9.1 install and the 2.8.4. Could be one of my Firefox plugins…

    The glitching was Firefox. I tried the 3.6 beta 5 and it works fine. But still no real-time updating when I post an update or a comment.

    i’m having the same problem here – i have to refresh the page to see new posts/comments.

    i’m running php5, wp 2.9.1 with no other plugins, problem occurs in both FF & IE.

    I have same problem as well. (wp2.9.1 & P2 1.1.3)

    noel, any help?

    I have the exact same problem with the P2 posts as well (wp2.9.1 & P2 1.1.3). Ajax updates not working and must refresh browser to see posts.

    I have the same issue on two blogs I updated to 2.9.1 but the errors only happen while using Google Chrome.

    A new installation on my attempt to create a child theme of P2 also has the same problems again but only in Chrome.

    I’m on WP 2.9.1, and P2 1.1.3, and the real-time updating of posts/comments doesn’t work in FF 3.6 RC1, IE8, or Chrome 3. I’m really trying to nail down what the issue might be, but so far it comes back to WordPress. Older versions of WP seem to work fine with the latest P2, but 2.9.x doesn’t.

    I also suspect the issue is with the latest WordPress release as I’ve been using the latest P2 before I upgraded to the 2.9 branch

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 45 total)
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