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    thanks for your plugin.
    What’s the point of showing Real Time RAM Usage which shows ALL the time Red alert and is 96-100% steady?
    Something is wrong with the calculations or with the logic of what to present here.
    For a user, this is a misleading and wrong info considering that no alert is on from cPanel/hosting company.


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  • Plugin Author Saumya Majumder


    the real-time RAM usage is the amount of RAM you have in your system and how of it is actually free. Please note that 96-100% RAM usage is normal as the OS always tries to fill the RAM with swap pages and other things just to make full utilization of the resource. The calculation is not wrong. If it is let me know how it is wrong.

    This is how the plugin is getting the FREE RAM value:

    <?php echo shell_exec( "grep -w 'MemFree' /proc/meminfo | grep -o -E '[0-9]+'" ); ?>

    Now this is how the plugin is getting the TOTAL RAM value:

    <?php echo shell_exec( "grep -w 'MemTotal' /proc/meminfo | grep -o -E '[0-9]+'" ); ?>

    After this it is doing basic math to calculate the percentage.

    if this is the case and 96-100% Real Time RAM Usage is normal, why show it in Red?
    Based on this, it should be Green don’t you think so?

    Plugin Author Saumya Majumder


    Not Really. It is just giving you a heads up that your RAM utilization is almost full. So, do not run any program which may eat a lot of RAM.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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