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  1. hvanleeuwen
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Didn't find any topic on this forum that solved my problem so I'd better ask.

    I don't belive the current article counter does count only the times that a specific article is read.
    I need a counter that only counts the times an article is really read!

    I can imagine this is tricky due to the fact that sometimes people get to an artice directly instead of using the read more link so I would be already be really happy if the counter only counted the amount of times the read more link was clicked on.

    The ultimate would of course be if there was also somekind of stats and configuration possible.

    I could think of extra options like;

    - excluding certain users/ip nrs from the count.
    - a way to see how many times certain users read a certain article.
    - acumulating a re-read to one read instead of multiple reads.
    - stats like how often a certain article is read in a certain timespan
    and yes I could think of tons of interestion options :)

    BUT a counter that only counts the amount of times the read more link is clicked would be nice.

    I didnt find one, anybody here knows if such a thing exists???

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