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  • I have to upload a podcast onto a platform that is “managed?” by WordPress. It’s not my site but another persons. I don’t have a site. I only have an mp3 file.
    On the page that I see I can see a section for podcasting and podcasting files. Says Media File, Location, Title Size, etc. In the next section down it it says Load and allows me to browse my hard disk for a file to load… seems to take alot of time but in the end nothing is loaded.
    In the part that says podcast it is not possible to browse so where it says location I’m not sure what to put….I put 2007/12/nameofmyfile.mp3 as suggested by someone since the page of publication is perhaps called 2007/12.
    Basic problem is that after uploading nothing appears on the web page that I think I am uploading to. What can I be doing wrong???

    Thanks if you can figure it out.

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