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  • I would like for someone to point me in the right direction if possible. I have never used WordPress before. I am familiar with Zen Cart, and that’s about it. I am hoping that the templates in WP work similar to Zen Cart in that I won’t have to do any code writing. I have just installed WP (.org version) and it is up and running. I am building a real estate website in which people can upload their house information to the site (or to me in private); I will need at least 50 custom fields and radio buttons, comment boxes, etc.. (so they can give me how many rooms, square footage of each room, address, etc. etc.) , and a way for them to upload photos of their house. I do not need a blog website, though I may use that part of WP later. I want a clean looking home page, with nice earth tone colors or something clean looking. I have looked at templates until I am blue in the face, but I just don’t know enough about WP to even get started. Can I just use a template and “be done” (more or less)? I am also going to make this an eCommerce website so that I can collect money for services that I will provide to the person(s) giving me their house information, at the time they submit that information. (I know how to do the credit card processing, internet gateway, and SSL certificate for the retail merchant part of it because I have an eCommerce website already, but not sure how to add the module to WP,, a plugin? ). I REALLY tried to figure this out on my own today, but I have never done this before and I am getting a little confused as to which direction I need to go in. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks 🙂 oh, my site is if that will help. Once again, Thanks!!!

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    How far are you with your WordPress website?

    All I have done is create a page called “Welcome” and a page that is called “Blog”, and made the Welcome page my home page as per instructions here ,, and that is literally all I have done. I was hesitant to do anything else until I heard from you guys (and girls).. I didn’t want to do anything that would be hard to undo. Thanks!!! my site is . Actually I am more interested in making the “submit” form(s) and the eCommerce part of the website work because, even though I would like this site eventually have my “regular” houses that are for sale listed, I am more interested in using the site to get information on houses that other people (home owners) have for sale. So the way that I envision the home page is a large logo at or near the top with a “click here to list your house” , and then below the home page logo’s and messages, have my regular listings start. Oh, and one more thing,, it would be a BONUS if I could have these submissions automatically uploaded to my local Realtors MLS (official) website once I collect money from the person uploading their house to MY website. I have noticed that some of the templates, from what I understand, will get any houses that are listed on “MY” website, and automatically upload them to any official MLS listing sites I am a member of VIA my username and password to that particular website. Either that or I will have to do it manually by logging on to those websites and submitting them from the information uploaded to MY website. As always, thanks in advance for any help!! 🙂 Happy New Year 2013 !!!!!!

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