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  • I’m trying to develop a very basic weblog with the ability to add commercial real estate listings on the side…. or on its own page — but I’ve been unable to find any good or stable plug-ins or directions on how to do so.

    I’ve done a lot of searching — but there seems to be a big void in this area. Any ideas

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  • 1. Void? This is a blogging tool, not a real estate program! (if you didn’t know it…)
    2. Search harder:

    thanks for your reply. I understand that it is a blogging tool… but as your suggested link points out there is a demand for people in the real estate market to have their own blogs and have listings on their blogs.
    I also have read the suggestion to have a static front page and then play with custom fields… but I am looking for an easier or more streamlined solution to this.
    There are widgets already for WordPress that link into large real estate sites… where you become a member and then can display listings — like Flickr for photos.

    I was just wondering whether I may have missed a custom-made feature for listings. Honestly — I believe it is a matter of time before someone develops a clean plug-in… I guess just not available yet.

    and a void is nothing but an opportunity for someone to use their programming skills in the selected niche. Not a bad thing at all — I am not using the word that way

    I use to put my listings in my sidebar. You can see it on my site,

    Works great for me.

    I believe that statement “void” is pretty accurate. The blog sphere has exploded almost over night and why wouldn’t Real Estate professionals jump at the chance to leverage the power of blogging technology as a promotional tool??
    As a Web Host provider, I have had an influx of Real Estate company’s who have purchased hosting and web development for their real estate with an emphasis in publishing property listings in a blog format.

    With WordPress being at the forefront of Blog publishing media it is only a small matter of time before there are as many quality
    plugins for the real estate industry as there are in general!

    R. Feming

    I’ll have the video guide to it done today but my plugin works by via a few bridge techniques with WordPress and OpenRealty.

    I have been so up to my neck in projects I’ve literally had NO TIME to post this. Today is April 26th and I’ll post this over the weekend and then add it to the plugin directory for people to use.

    My apologies for the lengthy delay.

    I’ve created a plugin and custom theme that display listings on their own pages. Not released to the public, more features on the way, but I’m using it myself and I can set it up for agents. It only requires WordPress (2.5).

    I’d be interested in testing this plugin out if I could.
    Let me know.
    Much appreciated.

    maxaud, please send me an email through my website.

    I updated the plugin over the weekend and I’ve added a few features that make presentation of featured listings better. I’ve also added in a better looking interface.
    ~ Jared

    I’d love to see the plugin Jared, but the downloads on your website are all 404 links.

    Yes Steve, my blog was hacked but fixed again. I’ll upload that today or this evening.

    ~ Jared




    its always comforting to know that a site hosting plugins is hacked.

    Okay I’ve re-uploaded from the archive all plug-ins and other code elements after examining them for potential issues.

    The hack as I had called it really wasn’t a hack per se it was an sql injection by an opponent and unethical webmaster literally notorious for being an internet criminal.

    Anyway my sincere apologies for the delay, I’ll have the latest updates to the plug-ins complete Saturday and release all three as version 1.0.3 which will include a more WP-2.5.1 compatible interface.

    ~ Jared

    I’ve just released my real estate plugin, the initial version provides listings CMS capabilities for your WordPress system (2.5 or up).

    You can download it from the Plugins Directory at


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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