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  • Just wondering if anybody out there is working on a plugin to display IDX feed (MLS listings) in a WP blog. I seem to be getting requests lately to develop sites for real estate brokers. It may be possible for me to get someone to pay for such a plugin to be developed.

    I’m hoping Roger Theriault will see this as it would be a great addition to his Great Real Estate plugin, which currently does not seem to support display of listings from incoming feeds, although it does send exclusive listings out through outbound real estate feeds, which is nice.


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  • I too am trying to build a Blog with an IDX feed, has anybody responded to you and if so, can you help ME?

    If not, when I find the answer I will let you know about it.


    I would also be interested in learning if this exists, and if so, how to obtain it.

    We are developing a GPL’d WordPress plugin which will work with our GetYourIDX Web Service which will be released within the next couple of weeks.

    I tried Jared Ritchey, will not recommend him… As soon as you get the IDX Web Service ready I have 5 customers standing by.


    @ getyouridx

    Looking forward to it:)

    I’m not a realtor but know a lot of them and I deal with WP very often… I’d like to know when you get that ready getyouridx…

    Count me in as well. Also, can people please pots links to real estate web sites that use WordPress? Thanks!

    Sorry, as long as the MLS world remains fragmented (and real estate remains the dinosaur of tech) I’m not planning to pursue any IDX solution for my plugin.

    I’m a real estate agent in a big office with lots of agents and what’s already available to agents is WAY more than they can handle. Even the many of the most successful agents are 5-10 years behind in online technology. There’s many reasons for it, but what’s out there now is good enough, I think. Especially now when we’re all cutting back on expenses BIG TIME.

    The MLS that the REALTOR(R) Association that I’m a member of gets a free feed from which I have set-up on the blog below. There’s a bunch of other features that I can add on later once I’m finished with the blog and begin actively marketing with it.

    evanlittle, do you mind sharing the steps for getting the Diverse Solutions map search script to work, including the plugins that you used?


    Evanlittle has just iframed the mls listings. That is not an IDX feed.

    As a WP developer I personally don’t recommend wasting time with custom scrips for IDX on WordPress. There is a very good solution that it is cheaper, better SEO and you will have no worries about the IDX feed, updates, headaches etc.

    That is idx broker, I have been using them on my clients’ sites and it is perfect. Here is an example:
    It is cheaper because you don’t need a dedicated server to handle the thousands of listings. It is not iframed, and has better SEO because the links back to your site are externally and not internally as any other on-site IDX.

    Here is another example: and this is a nice one: (not wordpress though but can be accomplished as same:

    The best thing it is to have the GRP and idx broker and you are good to go.

    We have two plugins working now, one is fully WP integrated and works exceptionally well with MLS data.

    The other is a bridging solution we use where clients require separate types of data sources. Since MLS providers will not generally allow you to feature your own listings in the same search as an MLS empowered one, you need to keep data or at least appear to keep data separate. The second solution works in that situation.



    (@harleyrider) has the only real idx/rets/mls compatible plugin – its fully loaded and works with any data feed – of course you will need to hire them to tie it in for you or hire your own programmer as there is nothing out there that is a one size fits all plugin-solution but they can make it work with any type of feed.



    I agree with using IDX Broker. I have used them for adding some advanced IDX features to customized themes. Works fantastic. Sample
    South Walton Luxury Homes


    I have been using IDX Broker with WordPress for almost 10 months now and LOVE it. The features are amazing and very user friendly. Over the past 10 months they have continued to increase functionality and lead the industry with their product. They even have a customizable iphone app with my Name and logo that my customers download for free from the iTunes App Store. I run two blogs for real estate and a weekly Radio Show. I have been able to run them easily and deliver fresh content on a weekly basis. I use the folks at to set my sites up and any future customizations. The sites are SEO optimized and I am at the top of the search rankings for my area and Nationally for some topics [Google: bank of america short sale]. Additionally, my listings are syndicated across 20+ mediums automatically. I was going to spend $15,000 on a single website and was able to get two sites for much less. I am a very very happy customer and would highly recommend this solution.

    PS – I found this post since it mentioned my site though my WP Blog Stats. Pretty cool.

    You can check out my sites…
    South Walton Luxury Homes
    Distressed Property Expert


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