• I am a Real Estate Broker and I am looking for a Client Login and Management plugin. I have a few goals in mind.

    1: I want to be able to communicate with my clients via my website members section.

    2: I want to be able to store copies of their files in their member profiles so they can access them at anytime.

    3: I want to be able to track data of my users usability of the plugin.

    4: Bottom line I want to be able to utilize this plugin for client correspondence and management

    (Shot in the dark wish list)

    5: I would like to either create forms and/or charts and graphs to be able to manipulate the data to show them results of my marketing or lack there of.

    6: I would like to provide a power point presentation within their member area so that I could present to them via phone or chatting via a communicator plugin.

    7: If there is nothing out there designed specifically for real estate, please contact me and I would love to brain storm some ideas for a possible dedicated plugin for member login and management!

    Is this the right plugin and/or how can this plugin be curtailed to my specific area of expertise? If not, could you recommend a reliable contact management plugin for my wordpress site?


    Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.


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